Magudam Midi
A modern heritage post top luminaire upgraded with high performance light engines. Aesthetically designed sturdy construction ensures a long life against all weather condition, maintaining initial performances through the lifetime of the installation. Designed for highest efficiency in terms of more lumens at reduced wattages.

Product Description
• The luminaire comprises of specially contoured spun aluminium top cover.
• Cast aluminium magudam attachment added for aesthetics.
• Non-yellowing UV stabilised translucent acrylic diffuser.
• The lamp along with driver is housed inside the top portion and the bottom portion attached to a mounting base.
• Luminaire integrated with 30W LED.
• Suitable for mounting on 50mm OD pipe.
• Cable entries for through-wiring of mains supply cable
• Integral constant current power supply
• Prewired with LED driver and suitable for operating on 240V, 50Hz single phase ac supply.
• Ordering guide : KL-4932-CCT (Colour Temperature)
• Available CCT : 3000K, 4000K, 5700K

Product Benefits
High luminous efficiency at reduced wattage.
• Elegant, Functionality
• Environmental Friendly
• The diffuser contributes to the creation of ambiance and to visual comfort by reducing glare.
• Low maintenance cost.
• Dark sky compliant protects pedestrians from glare, in addition to preventing spill light above the horizontalplane.
• Sustainable LED technology offers durability and optimal light output with low power consumption.

Area of Application
Illuminating parks, Gardens, commercial complex, Pathways in residential buildings, Walkways, Streetscapes & office complex.

Available Finish
Pure polyester powder coated
• Graphite grey & Gold
• Anthracite grey & Gold
• Jet black & Gold
IDWattageDimensionMounting IESPhotometryTechnical DatasheetTechnical Description
KL-4920E27 Holder (Max. 30W LED / 45W CFLE), Translucent AcrylicØ350 x 655mmD14920.pdf
KL-493230W LED WW,NW,CW, Translucent AcrylicØ350 x 655mmD14932.pdf