Circo - Cutoff Bollard
These environmental friendly sleek energy efficient garden luminaires accentuate the garden architecture creating a pleasant and symmetrical light distribution.Bollard luminaires contribute to safety by illuminating pathways and other open spaces.

Product Description
• Luminaire body made of extruded aluminium alloy (grade 6063) with die cast aluminium components and non corrosive SS fasteners.
• For optimum coordination with lighting situation,these luminaries can be supplied in three different heights.
• Non yellowing UV stabilized polycarbonate translucent diffuser.
• Light emission 360 degree.
• Silicone gasket.
• Luminaire supplied with 2 core cable one metre length.
• Mounting plate Die cast aluminium double powder coat with an anchorage unit and stainless steel fixing screws.
• Cable entries for through-wiring of mains supply cable.
• Prewired with E27 holder and suitable for operation on 240V,50Hz single phase ac supply.

Product Benefits
• Elegant,Robust design
• Dark sky compliant protects pedestrians from glare by preventing spill light above the horizontal plane.
• Sturdy construction in order to maintain performance of the luminaire and to reduce maintenance costs.
• Quick & simple installation.

Area of Application
Suitable for Residential & Public areas for Illuminating Driveways,Pathways,Flowerbeds,Entrances,Squares,Gardens and as well as landscape architecture.

Available Finish
Pure polyester powder coated
• Graphite grey
• Anthracite grey
• Jet black.
IDWattageDimensionMounting IESPhotometryTechnical DatasheetTechnical Description
KL-6963E27 Holder (Max.11W LED / 20W CFLE), Translucent Polycarbonate176 x 168 x 1000mmM6
Detailed Foundation Drawing
KL-6965E27 Holder (Max.11W LED / 20W CFLE), Translucent Polycarbonate176 x 168 x 300mmM6
Detailed Foundation Drawing
KL-6964E27 Holder (Max.11W LED / 20W CFLE), Translucent Polycarbonate176 x 168 x 500mmM6
Detailed Foundation Drawing