Power Grazer 32 RGBW
K-LITE’s Power Grazer is a minimalistic functional powder coated aluminum profile with polyurethane encapsulation which provides a high degree of robustness. Its ingress reaches IP67 as well as an IK10 impact resistance. The translucent end caps make it possible to create infinite lines of light without any dark spots. This is further enhanced by the cable runway, hiding cables and mounting clips.

The varied optics enable the possibility to adapt Power Grazer-21 to the specific project requirements. The 30° optic is made for accent and decorative light and the 60° optic is best for wall washing and the combination of these optics makes a wide range of exterior lighting possible.

Product Description
• Luminaire made of extruded anodised aluminium for better thermal management.
• Clear sealed encapsulation.
• Designed for mounting on floor / wall or ceiling.
• Cable groove provided for better cable management.
• Constant current LED driver, low voltage at 24V dc assures safety.
• Protection class IP67
• Suitable for operation on external driver, single phase ac supply.

Product Benefits
• Attractive high quality robust housing.
• Sturdy construction in order to maintain performance of the luminaire.
• Quick & simple installation.
• Flexible deployment options with a wide spectrum of applications.

Area of Application
Hotel & Resorts, Staircase Lighting, Malls, Shopping Complex, Commercial & Business Centers, Residential Lighting, Garden and similar applications.

Catalogue Page
IDWattageDimension IESPhotometryTechnical DatasheetTechnical Description
KL-8317Accessorie19 x 19 x 7.5mmKL-8317.txt
KL-356120W LED RGBW BA:30°,60°, Clear Polyurethane Encapsulation1005 x 25 x 32mm3561.pdf
KL-356230W LED RGBW BA:30°,60°, Clear Polyurethane Encapsulation1505 x 25 x 32mm3562.pdf
KL-356340W LED RGBW BA:30°,60°, Clear Polyurethane Encapsulation2005 x 25 x 32mm3563.pdf
KL-356010W LED RGBW BA:30°,60°, Clear Polyurethane Encapsulation505 x 25 x 32mm3560.pdf