About Us - Metals and Finishes
Metals and Finishes
At K-LITE, we go by one rule: our luminaires and poles should give more than just radiant light. That is why we put a lot of effort into material finishes, processing, and surface protection. It is through meticulous sealing of surfaces that we deliver products with high corrosion resistance and clean aesthetics.

The process begins with inhouse blasting to remove impurities from the surfaces. Varied size shots are used as abrasives and run through the line at a controlled speed. Once done, a priming coat of zinc is applied. Finishing is performed with the desired RAL color.

Blasting is one of the critical processes at K-LITE. Besides removing residual impurities on surfaces, it also increases paint adhesion. Plus, it sets the base for the primer process, which is done to prevent the newly exposed surface from oxidation. Priming also helps in furthering the corrosion resistance of surfaces. The coat is applied with a coating thickness greater than 60 microns.

The final finish is as important as any part of the process. It is done with the desired RAL color of UV-stabilized polyurethanebased paint or polyester powder coating. The end results?

Long-lasting finish that adds dimension to the product while giving