About Us - Production and Assembly
Production and Assembly
Smart lighting solutions require processes that are carefully monitored by experts.

This focus on processes is part of K-LITE’s DNA.

Since 1977, we have been giving special attention to detail when it comes to our manufacturing techniques. And our focus on quality and efficiency is not restricted to a particular process. From electronics and tool manufacturing to acrylics, pole manufacturing and metalwork, quality and efficiency get the top priority at every step of production.

Control over materials helps us strike a perfect balance between quality and aesthetics, bringing excellent lighting pieces to life.

Whether it is the quality light output, CRI, or thermal management of a luminaire, we design lighting systems that are crafted with excellence in mind. Our production processes are continuously streamlined to deliver longer product life, lower energy consumption, minimum operating temperatures, together with fantastic light yield, and more.

Success at K-LITE means a continuous search for innovation. That is the reason why our manufacturing plants are equipped with advanced technology, operated by seasoned engineers.

Be it CNC robotic fabrication, surface mount technology (SMT) line, shot blasting, or 2D/3D milling - we have got you covered with the latest in the world of lighting technology, delivering products that are perfect for your project.

At K-LITE, suppliers are considered strategic partners, working with the commitment to excel together. This excellence in channel partnership extends to customer service, ensuring the s