American Series
Architectural Lighting Pole is design to create a distinctive atmosphere in town & cities by using the most advanced technology to develop innovative lighting solutions.
Poles can stylishly convey the identity of any landscape. Our poles can be designed to suit single or multi arms brackets in order to install one or more light sources.

Product Description
• Pole made of continuously tapered circular hot rolled steel grade E250.
• Pole design parameters vary depending on the type of bracket and loading factor.
• Conical pole are welded using saw welding technique by certified welders by using automatic machine with precision welding.
• Other Welding using special v groove technique by certified welders using high end MIG welding processes.
• Built-in control box with service door and safety rope.
• Service door is contoured to the shape of the pole with rubber gasket.
• The control gear tray is prewired with MCB,terminal connectors for loop-in / loop-out arrangement.
• The foundation bolt holes in the base plate are designed to be elongated for fine adjustments / alignment of the pole during installation.
• Base plate made of steel grade E250 & foundation bolt of grade 4.6
• CE - Conformity mark.

Product Benefits
• Quick installation and low assembly costs.
• A wide range of Pole heights and bracket options to meet various lighting requirements.
• Functionally versatile,strong and stable.
• Long life span.
• Innovative design options to provide visual integration with the environment.
• Customised for your delight : Creating the entire product portfolio - Right from concept to completion,merging the best technology and practices in lighting.

Area of Application
Street lighting in main road / secondary roads,Illuminating pathways in parks,Gardens,Resorts,Expressways,Private driveways,Residential Area Lighting,Boulevards,Shopping centres,Building perimeters and Public places.

Surface mounted with base plate and fitted on a pre formed foundation.

Available Finish
Coated with zinc rich primer and pure polyester powder coating or epoxy zine phosphate primer and finished using environmentally stable polyurethane based paint
• Graphite grey
• Anthracite grey
• Black.

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Detailed Foundation Drawing
Detailed Foundation Drawing
Detailed Foundation Drawing
Detailed Foundation Drawing
Detailed Foundation Drawing