Smart Pole 2.0
Smart poles can also improve public safety by incorporating security cameras and emergency communication systems. These cameras can monitor public spaces and alert authorities in case of suspicious activity or emergencies. In addition, smart poles can include emergency call buttons and public address systems that allow citizens to quickly report incidents or receive important information.

Integrating smart poles into urban infrastructure can revolutionize the way we interact with our cities. Smart poles are essentially street lights equipped with advanced technology, such as sensors, cameras, and wireless connectivity. By integrating these technologies into a single pole, cities can gather real-time data, improve public safety, and optimize energy consumption.

A "smart pole" is a type of utility pole that is equipped with a range of advanced technologies to support the development of smart cities. These poles can be used to host a variety of smart city infrastructure, such as street lighting, Wi-Fi hotspots, environmental sensors, traffic monitoring devices and more. By integrating these technologies into a single pole, a smart pole can help cities to more efficiently manage their infrastructure and provide a range of services to residents.

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