Linear Wall Washer
Compact & Minimilist linear surface mounted luminaire designed for wall, ceiling & floor mount application. Ideal light distribution serves both wall washing & wall grazing applications.

Product Description
• Luminaire made up of extruded aluminium alloy and flush end caps with silicone gasket.
• Equipped to take multiple optics for varied wall grazing & spot light distribution.
• Optical compartment closed at the top by a 3mm thick toughened glass screen secured with silicone.
• All external screws used are in A2 stainless steel.
• Mounting bracket with an adjustable feature from 0°-45° facilitate proper aiming of the luminaire at desired angle
• Wall, ceiling and floor mount options with adjustable brackets.
• Constant voltage non integral power supply.
• Supplied with IP67 male and female connectors for easy series connection.
• Low Voltage at 24V dc assures safety.
• Ordering guide : KL-3555-CCT (Colour Temperature)
• Available CCT : 3000K, 5700K.

Product Benefits
• Visual comfort with maximum energy saving.
• Minimilist design with optimum performance.
• Quick & simple installation.
• Flexible deployment options with a wide spectrum of applications.

Area of Application
Building Facade, Textured surfaces, Building mounted focal points, Bridges, Archaeological monuments, etc.,

• A separate IP67 rated connector supplied for a secure connection.
• Power supply unit of 24V dc required for the luminaire.
• The power supply units are also suitable for the operation of several LED luminaires. In this case total wattage of the LED luminaires must not exceed the wattage of power supply.

Catalogue Page
IDWattageDimension IESPhotometryTechnical DatasheetTechnical Description
KL-355524W LED WW,CW BA:15° x 50°,35°,15°, Toughened Glass1000 x 34 x 52mmKL-3555.IESKL-3555.PDF3555.pdf
KL-35536W LED WW,CW BA:15° x 50°,35°,15°, Toughened Glass300 x 34 x 52mm3553.pdf
KL-355412W LED WW,CW BA:15° x 50°,35°,15°, Toughened Glass500 x 34 x 52mmKL-3554.IESKL-3554.PDF3554.pdf