Line n Dot - Linear Down Light
Minimalistic, yet impressive

Line ’n’ dot offers new application opportunities for a modern and sophisticated look for any type of interior applications, including commercial spaces, Private sector, Hospitality, Museums and other similar areas.

It gives a minimalistic and elegant touch to ceilings keeping a clean look. Specially developed and designed optical lenses deliver optimal wide (general) or narrow (concentrated) light distribution to adapt the lighting to specific needs with UGR<12.

Linear downlight
Enhance contrast for horizontal surfaces
High-purified die-cast housing, integrated with innovative vaccum aluminium plated chrome finish antiglare

Linear Wallwasher
Linear Wallwasher equipped with a specially developed asymmetric lens for excellent uniform wallwashing distribution.

Linear Down light
Modular recessed downlight with UGR<12. Available in one, three, four, five, nine & ten dots. Line’n’Dot provides the best light output for indoor spaces that require a high visual comfort.

Catalogue Page
IDWattageDimensionMounting IESPhotometryTechnical DatasheetTechnical Description
KL-343120W LED 3000K,4000K,5700K BA:12°,20°,34°,48°,60°, Polycarbonate312 x 36 x 75mm3431.pdf
KL-343230W LED 3000K,4000K,5700K BA:12°,20°,34°,48°,60°, Polycarbonate462 x 36 x 75mm3432.pdf