Recessed LED pool light
High efficiency LED underwater luminaire for illumination of medium and large swimming pools, water features and fountains revealing underwater architecture. Recessed version is available with different wattage and optics creating special lighting effects.

Technical Specifications
• Luminaire housing and front ring made up of Hard chromeplated molding shaped stainless steel 316 grade.
• EPDM gasket.
• Stainless steel screws.
• Step tempered glass of 7mm thickness.
• Optical lens, efficiency >= 85%
• Luminaire hard wired with 2 x 1.0mm2 cable of 3mts length.
• Supplied with mounting sleeve for preparing recessed opening in ground.
• Safety class III
• Protection class IP68
• Mechanical resistance IK06
• CE - Conformity mark
• Low Voltage at 24V dc assures safety.

Product Benefits
• High luminous efficiency at reduced wattage.
• A sleek and minimalist shape provides distinctive lighting effects.
• Sustainable LED technology offers durability and optimal light output with low power consumption.

Area of Application
Fountain, Pool, Fish tank and other similar applications

A separate IP68 rated connector can be supplied for a secure connection to the network.


41111 x 3W LED CWØ68 x 76mm4111.IES4111.PDF
41121 x 3W LED RGBØ68 x 76mm4112.IES4112.PDF
67621 x 3W LED WWØ68 x 76mm6762.IES6762.PDF
67761 x 3W LED BlueØ68 x 76mm6776.IES6776.PDF
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