Ritu Bollard
Integrated and simple in appearance, but carries contemporary aesthetic concept. Bollard luminaires contribute to saftey by illuminating pathways and other open spaces.

Technical Specifications
• Luminaire made of high pressure die-cast aluminium and non corrosive SS fasteners
• Non yellowing UV stabilized Polycarbonate translucent diffuser
• Silicon gasket
• Aluminium mounting plate for bolting onto a foundation. Luminaire can be aligned on the mounting plate around 360°.
• Cable entries for through-wiring of mains supply cable (max. 3 x 0.5 Sqmm)
• Integral power supply
• Earth connection
• Safety class I
• Protection class IP 54
• CE - Conformity mark
• Suitable for operation on 240V, 50Hz single phase ac supply.

Product Benefits
• High luminous effeciency at reduced wattage.
• Elegant, Robust design
• Dark sky compliant protects pedestrians from glare, in addition to preventing spill light above the horizontal plane.
• Sustainable LED technology offers durability and optimal light output with low power consumption.

Area of Application
Suitable for Private & Public areas, Illuminating Driveways, Pathways, Flowerbeds, Entrances, Squares & Gardens.

Available Finish
Pure polyester powder coated Graphite grey only.

Aluminium mounting plate with three galvanised steel M8 fixing screws.


69519W LEDTr.130 x 800mmM5
Detailed Foundation Drawing
69529W LEDTr.130 x 500mmM5
Detailed Foundation Drawing
69539W LEDTr.130 x 200mmM5
Detailed Foundation Drawing
69549W LED170 x 130 x 200mmW3
Detailed Foundation Drawing
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